• Kiwi Car Wash

    Kiwi Car wash's unique recycled water treatment process,
    has been designed specifically for the New Zealand

  • Kiwi Car Wash

    We aim to achieve the highest levels of service for our customers
    and this is reflected by the volume of vehicles we clean and positive customer feedback.

  • Car Care Accessories

    Our range of quality car care products offers you choice, convenience and fantastic value. You’ll find everything to suit your needs, available seven days a week!

Our Promises

We operate a touchless autowash to the highest standards with regularly maintained equipment and environmentally sustainable cleaning products using modern technologies.


we have an ongoing commitment to quality in every aspect of our operations.



Not only do people get the best service in the world but get it at a great price.


Eco Friendly

We provide the number one experience and environment for customers to clean their vehicles